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Here at FutureNoize media, we aim to faciliate the achievement of your musical ambitions.


FutureNoize offers a complete range of affordable services from creative consultation to mixing and mastering and ghost production of entire songs and bespoke creations.

Mastering Stereo Track

If you are satisfied with your mix and need that extra bit of a pop and sizzle to boost your track, this is the best option for you.

This package offers the finalisation to a mixed stereo wave file adding sheen and punch, enhancing a finished track for optimum balance and loudness.

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Stem Mastering

A hands-on approach where the engineer will take a collection of 6 - 16 stems of an existing mix and enhancing the elements of the mix, allowing more flexibility for better results.

This combination of a hybrid mixdown and mastering service allows the engineer to retain the original vision of the work while applying their skill where needed.

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Complete Mixdown + Mastering

Reaching deep into the overall balance of the track to extract the very best out of the song, gently re-adjusting the tonality where needed and sculpting surgically if required.

If you feel your track needs to be completely re-vamped to reach its maximum potential then the complete mix down service will be perfect for you.

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Ghost writing / production

A deeply involved collaborative process, working cohesively to tell a story, encapsulating personality, customised for you from the ground up.

This unique track will be released under your name, with everything handled absolute discretion. If you have ideas but don’t have the time or the experience to properly realise them, choose this option to help turn these ideas into reality.

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Meticulous ear for unrivaled quality.

With over 10 years of experience in the dance music industry, our chief engineer Audiofreq, has always been passionate about technical production and high quality sound.

With a finger on the pulse on up-coming genre styles and a strong instinct for the dance floor along you can expect nothing but the best bang for buck when it comes to your music.

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